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T's E-Z Unroller

E-Z Unroller
Big Bale

E-Z Unroller

Big Bale


The T’s E-Z UNROLLER has over  6 Years of Development to Patent the T’s E-Z UNROLLER in 1998


T’s E-Z UNROLLER takes the Round Bale to Square Bale


T’s E-Z UNROLLER system is completely hydraulically driven with NO ELECTRONICS and in about 6 minutes three people can unroll a bale and have it in a truck:


Load the round bale into the unroller, cut and remove the twine Operate the controls that unroll the product Load the square bales onto the truck.123


The system has all Welded Construction with Sealed Bearings


The Machine accepts up to 5' x6' diameter rolls


Works on any type of straw or hay.


Under a shelter, the operation can run in any type of weather, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


It saves time, labor, and cost.


Rebaling does not change the character or quality of the product.


The system can be customized to customers need


The system can be powered by a tractor or by a John Deere or Kabota Diesel Engine


The system is manufactured to high quality standards and is built to last.


It is sold Internationally


The T's E-Z UNROLLER has done for the hay industry what the cotton module has done for the cotton industry.


With this system there is no down time.

Dual Purpose

Tractor Setups

E-Z Unroller

Big Bale


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